Our Team

Our Team

Jordan Hrovat —– Sales Consultant

Jordan is a highly skilled negotiator and gifted communicator, consistently working to achieve exceptional outcomes for his vendors. Jordan has well established strong connection with local communities for the past few years. Jordan now joined V & M Realty team to develop his career. He use his unique talent, passion and…

  • Mobile : 0406 881 487

Qinxiao Lu —– Marketing Executive

Qinxiao began her career in real estate in 2015. She has now joined  V & M Realty team as Marketing Executive. Qinxiao is very versatile and is enjoying the challenge of learning all aspects of the property sales divison.  She brings with her a warm and professional approach to her position.…

Min Luo —– Principal and Co-Founder

Min Luo is the principal and co-founder of V&M Realty with over 8 years experience in the real-estate industry. Specializing in prestige properties on the Gold Coast she is well equipped to make your next step into real estate a reality. By placing an emphasis on…

  • Mobile : 0451 088 199